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Published 25 May 2014



The association aims to support basic microbiological and immunological research that in the context of an international cooperation is performed between researchers in Belgium and researchers of the "Institut Pasteur" and / or the "Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur (RIIP).
The association may perform all acts that are wholly or partially, directly or indirectly related to its objective, in order to contribute to its development or to facilitate its achievement; so it can award prizes and grants, organize contests or colloquia, award grants to finance the exchange of researchers between institutions that are members of the "Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur" and research laboratories in Belgium
The association can rent out all appropriate movable and immovable property and use all necessary human, technical and financial resources. It may also cooperate with or be interested in activities that aim at similar goals. They forge links with other institutions. The Governing Council has the authority to interpret the nature and the extent of the objectives of the association (Article 3 of the Statutes)
Freely translated from the official French version of the statutes