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The disappearance, in 2008, of the Pasteur Institute in Belgium, forced us to adapt the name and objectives of our association to new realities; the changes were decided in mutual agreement with the general direction of the "Institut Pasteur" in Paris (IPP), specifically with the direction of the "Réseau international des Instituts Pasteur (RIIP"), the International Network of Pasteur Institutes. Currently, our activities are focused on providing research grants.

During the period 2014-2017 we awarded research grants to 12 PhD-students and to 2 postdocs. The research projects are mainly situated in the field of mycobacteriology and parasitology. The researchers are realizing their projects in the laboratories of the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB), “University of Ghent” (Ugent) and the “Institute of Tropical Medicine” in Antwerp (ITG). The collaborating laboratories of the “International Network of Pasteur Institutes” (Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur) are the “Institut Pasteur” (Paris), the “Institut Pasteur de Lille” and the “Institut Pasteur de Madagascar”and the"Institut Pasteur du Cambodge".

Presently we are organizing 2 sessions per year for the introduction of grant applications (deadline 1st April and 1st November)



  • Publications since 2014 - Juillet 2019

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